Become a Rider

Want to join the Brew Crew as a rider or supporter? Here’s key information you need to know. If you’d like to join, scroll down and fill out the application form.


Expectations for new Brew Crew and Old members


Community Commitment

1.) Commit to a Charity and Fund-raise
2.) Be involved and give back to your community
3.) Be Happy and Have Fun
4.) Be an active member of the Brew Crew Team
5.) Support local bars and businesses
6.) RIDE, RIDE and RIDE.

Positive Social Presence

1.) Have Fun! (Really Important for the Brew Crew.)
2.) Be involved, get involved.
3.) Drink a beer with your teammates (non-alcholic beer is perfectly acceptable.)
4.) Commit to Fund-raising
5.) Support local bars and businesses

Currently the Brew Crew is accepting application for riders interested in participating in the MS150. We require all of our riders to raise a minimum of $300 that goes straight to the MS society. We also require that all riders participate in at least one group ride before becoming a official member of the Brew Crew.

Our mission is not to ride one event and then be done til next year but to ride as a team throughout the year.
We encourage all skill levels and abilities. If you can ride 100 miles at 20 mph that is great. If you can ride 10 miles and need/want a beer that is also great, there will be a group of riders that will be in your skill-set.

Let’s raise some money for some great causes this year and have a blast while doing it. Let’s have fun, let’s ride, let’s BREW CREW…